Job creation, economic growth, territorial attractivity and competitiveness… The soft and hard infrastructure’sbenefits are undeniable and investing in it is essential to meet today’s and tomorrow’s needs. In France, no less than one in five jobs is related to infrastructure . Despite its critical importance in economic development, investments in it are far below what it is needed and are decreasing. Over three decades, the investments in telecommunications and transportation infrastructure fell from 2.2% per year between 1970 and 1979, to 1.3% in 2006 of the French GDP. In 2018, the total inland infrastructure
investment represented 0.8% of the French GDP (source: OECD). The difficult assessment of their medium and long-term budgetary impacts can explain these phenomena. The GLOPRAM aims at evidencing the budgetary consequences of a project , considering the infrastructure’s short and long-term impacts to help the actors better select projects and measure the negative impact of the lack of maintenance.

Jeanne Amar & Vincent Piron

February 2021